Reassessment will be done each Friday unless otherwise noted.
Otherwise noted: Next reassessment Monday
You may reassess on 2 skills each Friday
If you are not going to re-learn and do something to improve your skill level, you will not successfully reassess.

Things I can do to re-learn and improve my skill level:
1. Use the it and work on odd-numbered exercises from the end of the chapter
2. Check out the Learning Resources page of the Statknowledge wiki
3. Consult the Statknowledge wiki for all past lessons
4. Post in the discussion forum of the wiki to ask a question
5. Organize the Statknowledge Wiki Skill Pages (Unit I & Unit II)
  • Create a new wiki page for a skill
  • Take information from the Home page and paste it with its appropriate skill
  • Add any additional information that you might need
  • Think of this as creating your own textbook
6. Hang with Mr. C during 9th period

Reassessment Form must be completed by Wednesday of each week.
Reassessment Form

You may also work on an independent project that addresses MULTIPLE skills and submit it to Mr. C
  • If you're collecting data, make sure you provide a source for your data
  • Share your projects with Mr. C on Google Docs.
    • Share your projects with Mr. C on Google Docs.
    • Don't e-mail it to him