Goal: Make an impact!!!!!
10-11 Student Projects

List of Problems

I. Come up with a list of problems to solve
II. Each person should provide one example of a problem to solve
III. Problems can be from a narrow to very wide scope...
  1. Locally: within the NP community, high school, middle schools, elementary schools
  2. Statewide/Region-wide: In Southeastern PA, compare regions of the state, statewide problems
  3. Nationally: Within the United States, a comparison of states, a comparison of regions
  4. Globally: Throughout the world
IV. When you have an example of a problem to solve, post it on the List of Problems page under the appropriate heading

The Project

I. Choose a Problem and begin to work on a solution
  1. Complete this form: End of Year Project Ideas
II. Data Collection
  1. What types of data can you collect?
  2. Where from?
  3. Who cares?
III. Display and Describe the Data
  1. Explain the data you collected to someone that doesn't know anything about Stat
  2. What models (Normal, Binomial, T-model, Chi-Squared, Least-Squares) are appropriate? Why?
IV. Conclusions
  1. What conclusions can you make?
  2. Conduct a hypothesis test?
  3. How effective was your sampling method?
V. Sell It
  1. Who would care about your project?
  2. How will you sell it to them?
VI. Presentation
  1. Post a link to your project on this page: 10-11 Student Projects

Project Format

1. A wiki
2. A blog
3. Some other type of multimedia presentation (Prezi, Animoto, etc)
4. Unique

Misc. Details

You will have every day after the AP exam for the rest of the year to work on this
Due date: June 9
You are using this end of year project to improve your score in most of the skills throughout the year. Make sure you list the skills you are addressing in completing this project
Graduation Project? Must be done solo, and you must write a paper to meet graduation project requirements. Some type of presentation is required as well. Earlier due date also (forthcoming)

Grad Projects

1. Must have a paper written with two sources cited - print a copy and share an electronic copy with Mr. C
  • Use the textbook for one
2. Would be ideal if these could be done by next Thursday
3. Your presentation of it is whatever you create
4. Who has signed up (bold = completed)
  • 1st Period: Alex, Dom, Ben, John, Bryan, Priya, Anish, Shriya
  • 2nd Period: Sam, Priya, Aarathi, Andrew, Ryan, Susan, Chris, Curtis
  • 3rd Period: Alex