14.5 Understand the concept of conditional probability as redefining the Who of concern,
according to the information about the event that is given
  1. Know how to make and use a tree diagram to understand conditional probabilities and reverse conditioning
  2. Be able to make a clear statement about a conditional probability that makes clear how the condition affects the probability

Sheets of Paper: Conditional Probability and Independence
  1. Choose any subject that you've collected data on the number of sheets of paper you've received
  2. Determine the probability of receiving that many sheets of paper...see example on board
    1. The probability that we will receive "X" sheets of paper on one day in English class
  3. Construct the first level of a tree for a day - As a new "Drawing" in Google Docs
  4. Change the "Who" of concern - Given that you received no paper in English the day before, what is the probability that you will receive "X" sheets of paper today
  5. Construct the 2nd level of the tree - on same drawing
  6. If those probabilities change, then sheets of paper received one day are NOT independent of sheets of paper received the day before