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Fantasy Baseball Power v. Contact Hitters - Amish P. & Tyler S.
Soccer Player Salaries vs. Social Influence - Anish Patel
iPhone vs. competition, is it really #1? - Ben B
Who has a Facebook? -Aarathi M.
Do teachers think their classes are boring? - Priya D. and Karishma P.
Patterns in Protest - Priya K.
Student Stress Levels - Melanie D. and Bhuvana V.
2008 presidential election - Domenick B.
American cars vs. Foreign cars - Curtis Washburn
Organic School Lunch Program - Andrew M.
Jobs in High school - Chris T.
Test Questioning- Sam C.
Baseball Hitting Stats- Ryan M.
The Search for a Noble Hubby- Nicole H., Angela H. & Victoria H.
Local Grocery Store Comparison - Katie B. Mohil P. & Smit P.
Drunk Driving Fatalities - Erica E.
Probability of Home Break-Ins - Sarah W.
Do the Fantasy Football experts know what they're talking about? - Patrick Hessenius
Stat Busters Video - David D. & Nick R.
Philadelphia Tourism - Vikram S
9th Period Productivity- Shivam S. and Alec L.
NHL Salaries - John E.
Minutes to Drive to School Hannah Kim and Anjul Bagdwal (the excellent pair!)
NFL Salaries vs Fantasy - Bryan Karthauser
.Global Warming - Bhavik Patel
Minutes to Drive to School
Male vs. Female Income Mike K.
9th Period Poll- Jackson P and Austin G
How Home Field Advantage Affects The home Team's Performance - Brandon Koehler
Anime Voice Acting - Susan T.